Packaging technologies - Legacy technologies 

Minimizing stress and complexity

Sencio’s technology range extends to a range of mature packaging technologies including glob-top molding and LGA assembly, solving challenges of stress sensitive devices and complex systems.

Globtop molding

Stress-sensitive devices have to be encapsulated without being affected by the stress of the molding compound. Protection by a globtop of a specific material is the solution. In this way the stress-sensitive device is assembled in an encapsulated cavity inside the package. Our processes do this in a well-defined and controlled way. 

The technology is a good solution when assembling acceleration and gyro sensors or when small LEDs need to be exposed. Furthermore, in combination with exposed die molding, gloptop molding technology offers a perfect solution for pressure sensors. This is a mature technology that has been applied to million’s of acceleration sensors in the automotive sector.

LGA assembly

A lead frame based package solution offers a limited interconnect routing capability to handle complex electronic multi-component systems. By using a (multilayer) PCB as a substrate the interconnects can be far more complex. We can integrate entire systems – including passive components, ICs and sensors – in an LGA (Land Grid Array) package. Flip chip solutions are also possible.

The complete system is molded by transfer molding and finally the individual products are separated by sawing. In this way a LGA package containing a complete electrical system can be manufactured.

Trying to find the best solution to encapsulate your sensitive device or complex system? Don’t stress, we can find a solution together.

3D modelling

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