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Your complete multichip system in one functional package


One of the key packaging technologies capable of handling increasing system complexity is the multichip module (MCM).


Incorporating multiple integrated circuits (ICs) into a single device, multi-chip modules offer benefits in device size and performance. By shortening the signal-path between ICs, and using a common high-performance substrate material, multi-chip modules can improve device operation while managing size and weight constraints.


We have significant long experience integrating sensor and ASICs in one functional package. By combining this with different encapsulation technologies like exposed die molding, glass on die molding, and glob-top molding, your ASIC and passive components (capacitors, resistors, coils, etc.) are reliably protected while still allowing you to expose the sensor or MEMS. You can even go one step further and incorporate mechanical and alignment elements with our freeform nCapsulate technology.


You can also take advantage of our component supply management service. We can save you time and effort by taking care of sourcing the components in your device from other suppliers.

Involve us now in solving your integration challenges, putting your complete design in one MCM package.

MCM Molding

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