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Advanced microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) continue to contribute crucial functionality in many devices, and growing in harmony with markets such as IoT and wearables. They add features like accelerometers, gyroscopes, movable mirrors, micro-spectrophotometers, pressure sensors, chemical analyzers, tunable capacitors, infrared imagers and micro-relays to make innovative applications. We pride ourselves on being an originator creating one of the first MEMS for automotive use.

MEMS packaging plays a key role in correct device operation. For example packaging cannot interfere with mechanical movement and package orientation along with window or open cavity position, if required, must be exact. Also, low stress is critical to ensure sensitivity is unaffected. MEMS are also highly specific, so each new device can present a novel packaging challenge.

Sencio creates robust, high quality packaging for your MEMS devices that enables optimum electrical and mechanical performance.

In need of a robust packaging for your MEMS devices? Sencio can help you achieve your encapsulation goal.



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